Wills and Estates: What happens when you have assets in another country?

Most people will have only one Will.  When drafting a Will, the last Will usually revokes all prior Wills.

For those lucky enough to have assets in more than one country, it is common to have a Will made in each country which deals only with the assets within that country.  You would then have more than one Will.

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Appointing an Enduring Power of Attorney

Hand holding pen signing power of attorney legal document

The year 2020 has proven challenging for the world and has demonstrated that it may be impossible to predict what the future holds. This is why it is just as important, if not more important, to appoint an Enduring Power of Attorney, as it is to make a Will.  Accident, injury and illness are unfortunately common, and can leave you without capacity, and without the ability to properly manage your affairs.  It is therefore necessary you appoint someone you trust to make decisions that are in your best interests, should something happen to you.

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Have you been left out of a Will?

Will document filled out on table.

The loss of a family member is always a difficult time, but it can become more distressing to learn that you have not been included in the Will.

Generally, a person may leave their assets to whomever they wish. However, the law recognises that there are those who relied on the deceased for support that can sometimes be unfairly left out of the Will and are therefore able to make a claim so their needs are adequately provided for.

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Making Your Will Count – Healthy Will Checklist

Binding financial agreement

It is important for everyone over 18 to have a Will to make sure their wishes are followed and their assets are distributed as they would want after they die.

If you don’t have a Will, your assets will be divided according to how the law dictates in the rules of intestacy, that is, when you have not made a Will.  If you die intestate it is very likely that your estate will not be distributed as you would have desired.

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