Stamp duty concession available on transfer of family farm

Is your family considering the transfer of the family farm to the next generation? If so, did you know there may be a stamp duty concession available?

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What is stamp duty?

Transfer duty (also known as stamp duty) is a levy imposed by the Queensland Government on the transfer of property and businesses in Queensland.  Transfer duty is payable regardless of whether the property or business is purchased for market value, or is a gift from a family member.

Generally, the buyer of the property or business would pay the transfer duty.

How is transfer duty calculated?

Generally, where the transfer of a family business occurs by way of gift from a family member (or at an under value), the transfer duty is calculated by reference to the market value of the assets being transferred.

The amount of transfer duty payable can be significant, as it depends on the value of the assets being transferred.

Are there any concessions?

The Duties Act 2001 (Qld) contains provisions for applying for a concession from transfer duty on the acquisition of certain businesses (including primary production) where certain family relationships exist between the buyer and seller.  If eligible for a concession, you may be able to acquire the family property and/or business without having to pay the full amount of transfer duty.

In some cases, the concession may result in no transfer duty being payable.

What if the land being transferred is used for a family business?

If eligible for a transfer duty concession, the concession may also apply to the transfer of land which is used to conduct the business.

What type of family relationship must exist?

Certain family relationships must exist between the parties, in order for you to be eligible for a transfer duty concession.

In most cases, the seller must be a parent or a grandparent of the buyer, or a parent or grandparent of the buyer’s spouse.

In the case of a transfer involving a primary production business (including the transfer of land used to conduct a primary production business), the family relationship between the parties can include a transfer between a wider range of family members, such as a transfer from an aunt or uncle, or a transfer between siblings.

Please be aware that legislation may change the categories of family relationships that are eligible for a transfer duty concession. Before entering into any agreement to acquire or transfer a property or business from a family member, we recommend you seek legal advice regarding whether your relationship with the other party is a family relationship which is eligible for a concession.

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