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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2020


26 out of 34 members of the Hede Byrne & Hall team are women, that’s over 76% of the firm.  Many of the women here are Solicitors, Senior Associate Lawyers, or hold unique positions such as Special Counsel or Partner/Director such as Waanda McCarthy and Kym Cavanagh.  It’s no wonder a request for ‘cupcakes’ to celebrate International Women’s Day would not go unnoticed here!

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Gukovs Power Settgast (GPS Lawyers) now part of our Warwick Office

Gudkovs Power Settgast (GPS Lawyers) has recently become a part of our firm, Hede Byrne & Hall Lawyers.

Senior Solicitors, Alex Gudkovs and Bonnie O’Brien are continuing to provide quality legal services to the Warwick community as part of the Hede Byrne & Hall team.  Alex and Bonnie have already been warmly welcomed to our team and we are excited about the wealth of knowledge and expertise that they bring with them.

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Have you been left out of a Will?

Will document filled out on table.

The loss of a family member is always a difficult time, but it can become more distressing to learn that you have not been included in the Will.

Generally, a person may leave their assets to whomever they wish. However, the law recognises that there are those who relied on the deceased for support that can sometimes be unfairly left out of the Will and are therefore able to make a claim so their needs are adequately provided for.

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Fact or fiction – top 5 myths about family law property settlements


Most people know someone who has been affected by a family breakup. It is usually a very stressful and emotional time where people are anxious about the divorce, the property settlement and the emotional wellbeing and care arrangements for children.

Unfortunately, this is reflected in a great quantity of inaccurate statements, often regarded as fact by those, in the community.

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