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Alex has been practising law as a Principal in Warwick since 1980, and joined the team at Hede Byrne & Hall lawyers in April 2019, working from our Warwick office in Grafton Street.

He is a particularly thorough commercial lawyer, and has been sought out by local governments, businesses and various clients to review and advise on a variety of commercial contracts.

A highly competent lawyer, Alex is trusted by many to handle complex legal issues, navigate solutions for new legal problems, and keep people out of costly and stressful litigation.

How did Alex gain his expertise?

Having covered in his legal career in the areas of conveyancing, local government, commercial law, insolvency, trusts & asset management and deceased estates, general litigation and intellectual property law.

Alex imparts the type of wisdom that can only come with decades of experience as a trusted legal professional. It is for this reason that various local councils have consistently sought Alex’s legal expertise over the past 40 years. 

Anyone who has the opportunity to meet with Alex will benefit from his ability to keep things in perspective and persevere through times of adversity.

What sets Alex apart?

As a lawyer who is local to Warwick, Alex has come to know and understand the Warwick community, its history and way of life, first-hand. An involved community member, Alex has been actively supporting the fields of health and education within the Warwick community for many years.

Outside of his legal practice in Warwick, he is busy on a farming property. As a father of two, Alex also enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.

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