Take care when buying a property off the Plan

Buying Property Off The Plan

The term “buying off the plan” usually refers to purchasing a property that is not yet registered as a separate lot with the land titles registry, or not yet built.

Buying off the plan can refer to the purchase of a block of vacant land that is part of a subdivision, or a house or unit being built for sale where the land on which it stands is not yet registered as a separate title.

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Protecting your cashflow – the importance of your terms of trade

Terms of Trade are the terms and conditions on which a business sells goods and services to customers and on which they buy goods and services from suppliers.

These terms form the basis for the trading relationships for all businesses.

If a business is the supplier of goods or services then it should have written terms of trade which:  Continue reading “Protecting your cashflow – the importance of your terms of trade”

Congratulations Coolaroo Football Club!

Coolaroo football sponsorship

2018 marks the first year of a new relationship between Hede Byrne & Hall Lawyers and the Coolaroo Football Club with Hede Byrne & Hall becoming a corporate sponsor.

The connection with Coolaroo Football Club stems from an existing long-standing relationship with Director Jon Wiedman (pictured) who this year tackled the tough role as coach of the men’s senior team.  Continue reading “Congratulations Coolaroo Football Club!”

Testamentary Trusts

farming couple

Testamentary trusts can be very effective estate planning tools to assist in providing for spouses, children and grandchildren, and are becoming increasingly popular as more people become aware of their advantages.

A Testamentary Trust is any trust established under a will, but the term is usually used in the context of a discretionary family trust established under a will. Continue reading “Testamentary Trusts”

Extension of the unfair contracts regime to small businesses

small business

The Federal Government has enacted legislation extending the unfair contract term protections of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001 (Cth) to the small business sector.

Under the new laws, a Court is able to declare that a term of a standard form small business contract is void if the term is unfair.  Continue reading “Extension of the unfair contracts regime to small businesses”

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