Take care when buying a property off the Plan

Buying Property Off The Plan

The term “buying off the plan” usually refers to purchasing a property that is not yet registered as a separate lot with the land titles registry, or not yet built.

Buying off the plan can refer to the purchase of a block of vacant land that is part of a subdivision, or a house or unit being built for sale where the land on which it stands is not yet registered as a separate title.

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Things you need to know BEFORE auction day

Things you need to know before going to an auction

Buying a property can often be an intimidating process, especially at auction where you are competing with other buyers and there is no cooling off period.

Buying a property at auction

Many properties are sold at auction, particularly in a rising market, so it is important for buyers to understand the processes involved so they can bid confidently on the auction day.

There are many things that need to be done before the auction to ensure that your interests are protected and that you are fully informed about the property you are intending to buy, these things are outlined below. Continue reading “Things you need to know BEFORE auction day”

Avoiding conveyancing traps – special conditions

Keys to the property

Conveyancing is the process involving the transfer of legal title of real property from one person to another.

The conveyancing process is designed to ensure that the buyer obtains good and marketable title to the property together with all the rights that run with the property and is notified of any restrictions or rights in advance of their purchase.  Continue reading “Avoiding conveyancing traps – special conditions”

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