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Estate Administration

Estate Administration is the process of finalising the affairs of a person who has passed away.  Our team can assist with all aspects of Estate Administration including:

  • Assisting to identify the assets and liabilities of the Estate
  • Assisting with the closure of bank accounts
  • Collecting proceeds from investments and insurance policies
  • Facilitating the sale of Estate assets
  • Assistance in paying Estate liabilities
  • Liaising with beneficiaries
  • Attending to distributions of the Estate proceeds
  • Applying to the Supreme Court for a Grant of Probate when required
  • Applying to the Supreme Court for “Letters of Administration” (required if a person dies without a Will)
  • Assistance in the transfer of assets upon survivorship where assets are jointly owned
  • Assistance in claims by an Estate
  • Assistance in claims against an Estate (where a person challenges the Estate on the basis that they have been unfairly excluded or insufficiently provided for as a beneficiary)

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