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Debt Recovery & Debt Collection

If you are owed money for goods provided, services rendered, money lent and not repaid, arrears of rent or, if moneys are owed to you for some other reason, then you should consider the options of debt recovery that may be available to you.

Some of these options include:

  • Issuing letters of demand to the debtor
  • Negotiating repayment arrangements
  • Commencing court proceedings or initiating a QCAT claim
  • Issuing a Statutory Demand (if a company is involved)

Strict time limits apply for instituting legal proceedings against debtors to recover your debt.   Additionally, the longer the delay, the more difficult it can be to locate the debtor and recover your debt.  We recommend that you obtain advice about your debt recovery options without delay.

At Hede Byrne & Hall we take a practical approach to debt recovery and we are happy to assist you throughout the process.  Fixed fee options are available in most circumstances.  Contact our Dispute Resolution Team to discussion what options are available to you.

Our Dispute Resolution Team